Which Hosting is Best Suitable for a New Blog Website?

Which Hosting is Best Suitable for a New Blog Website?


With web hosting services, organizations and individuals can make a place for themselves over the internet. The technology offered by web hosting services makes it possible for the people to view these websites over the internet.

Furthermore, these services also make a range of plans available, each of which is suited to the requirements of different users. Two of these most important plans are shared hosting and reseller hosting.

The most economical form of web hosting is shared Linux hosting. Cheap Shared Hosting will work well, particularly for blogging websites, single websites, small businesses and the websites with low traffic.

But, reseller linux hosting is in place for those users who intend to host multiple websites. These people are looking to sell Linux hosting services. On shared hosting plans, one is not permitted to conduct reselling.

What is Shared Hosting?

If one is going for shared hosting, then multiple websites will be sharing a single server. When one runs a blog, then the configuration and bandwidth related requirements are going to be limited. Shared hosting works the best; in these cases.

Shared hosting price is also more affordable as compared to Reseller Hosting price. One does not buy resources in bulk in the former case. Instead, on the server, all resources are divided among customers, like mail server, CPU, and RAM.

One can also host unlimited domains on your shared plan. All one has to do is to go to the “Addon Domains” section which will be in the cPanel. One can add more domains from there.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

●     A User Friendly cPanel

To manage any changes made to your web hosting account, one gets access to a user-friendly cPanel. The features provided allow one to manage the website builder, check website’s stats, upload images and files, add an SSL certificate and set up email accounts. cPanel is also made available with the cheapest hosting plan.

●     Hosting Multiple Domains

One can host multiple websites over a shared server. One can add more domains as well, using the “Addon domain” feature.

●     Cost Efficient

The most inexpensive of all hosting options is shared hosting. This is efficient, and fits well into nearly every budget. So, it is the best linux server hosting.

●     Convenience

Your hosting service provider will manage all matters associated with cheap Linux hosting. The client is free to focus on his core competencies.

Let us now take an overview of reseller hosting.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Cheap reseller hosting is a format of web hosting wherein by using the bandwidth and RAM allocated to them, an account owner hosts third-party websites. So, the first one buys hosting services wholesale. Then, these hosting services are divided into smaller plans, which are, in turn, sold to individuals.

With best reseller hosting plans, account holders access the ability to use their own cPanel for creating multiple other cPanels. This is accomplished by using Web Host Manager (WHM).

This way, every account will get resources of its own. They will also get a username and password for personal use.

Overall, cheapest reseller hosting is the best solution for anyone who intends to resell web hosting. The solution, alternately works well for website developers as well. They can host websites of their own or resell the reseller plans to their clients.

If one is to go for reseller hosting, one is going to have many plans to choose from. A few of the reseller hosting plans even give one the liberty to create 250 private cPanel accounts. Unlimited reseller hosting plans are also available.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting gives one the liberty to make a reasonable income without having to worry about server management. But, one has to figure out a reseller web hosting provider, who will help you out with setting up a reseller hosting business for you.

The costs for maintaining the server are included in the package itself. Even if the server faces a difficulty; the apex webhoster will pay for the damages.

Furthermore, one accesses the flexibility for the modification of themes. One can also transform the clients’ cPanel for branding one’s business.

One need not be technically savvy for being in this business. All technical features will be managed by the web host provider. This won’t be an additional expense for you.

What is The Ideal Use Case For Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting?

Shared hosting will work great for businesses not looking for too many resources such as bandwidth and RAM.

So, when one is new to website building, shared hosting is the right alternative to go ahead with. Herein, the hosting providers will manage the intricacies associated with the work. This will cover managing your domain overall, and managing the site design.

But, if one is a freelance developer, then, reseller web hosting is the ideal alternative for such an individual. One has to have an inherent interest in commerce and technology for the same, and the related skills are also required.

Reseller hosting business is a lucrative business proposition for any new age technology entrepreneur. One’s disc space is the only restricting factor in terms of the number of clients that one can have.


In the case of shared web hosting, one does share a common server. But the resources are being directly allocated for your website.

Most importantly, selling any of your resources to third parties is not permitted, even while you may have a little bit extra of them.

But, still, one has the liberty to host as many domains as one desires. Reselling resources is not allowed.

But, when we consider the case of reseller hosting, then, one can sell bandwidth space to others after buying it. One, still, cannot manage the server with one’s account. But, the liberty to reseller clients’ control panels is there. With reseller hosting, one can become a web hosting provider.



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