What Are Different Types Of Pregnancy Tests And How They Work?

What Are Different Types Of Pregnancy Tests And How They Work?

There are several varieties of tests that help determine if a person is pregnant or not. The main intention of these tests is to identify the presence of a specific hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). You may also consult the best gynecologist in Bangalore to conduct blood tests and others to know about your pregnancy. This particular hormone is only noticed in a pregnant woman’s body.

This chemical may not be present in the initial days of pregnancy and the urine test comes out negative, but a blood test can still identify the small hCG levels. The chemical continues to build up as the pregnancy progresses. If a female is expecting pregnancy or notices pregnancy symptoms like missed periods, she can take the test to check the results. There are at-home pregnancy test kits to detect hCG chemicals in your urine. These are mostly accurate, easy, give instant results and are cost-effective.

Why take a pregnancy test?

There may be many reasons why you must take a pregnancy test, for example, if you are trying to get pregnant, facing any issues with your birth control or if you will have to undergo a medical procedure and start a new medication. If you have questions about your health condition and test results, the best idea is to opt for an online doctor consultation with the best gynecologist in Bangalore . A pregnancy test such as an ultrasound can not only confirm your pregnancy but also help you know the date of your conception and gives you a timeline of the baby’s development.

How do pregnancy tests work?

A pregnancy test determines the hCG levels in a female’s body with the help of urine or blood test. This chemical takes some time to build up in your body, you may expect a high hCG level in your body, within a few weeks of your pregnancy when the chances of your pregnancy test coming positive is higher than a test taken during the very first few days.

If you are taking a urine test, there is a strip of paper that reacts on detecting hCG chemicals and each type of test kit shows a positive result in unique ways. If you buy a test kit and you are using it at home, make sure you follow the directions on the pack carefully to avoid any errors. These test kits are made for single use only. Try to be patient as it may take some time to process the result. For a blood test, a blood sample is collected and analyzed in a lab to show the hCG level in your blood.

Different pregnancy tests

As mentioned above, urine and blood tests are the two major pregnancy tests. Let us look at the tests in detail.

At-home pregnancy test

With 99% effective and accurate results when used correctly, the at-home urine test for pregnancy is most widely preferred. This test can also be done at the clinic and you can get in touch with the best gynecologist in Bangalore. You may purchase the test kits without a prescription, from local pharmacies, or grocery stores.

A few drops of urine must be placed on the chemical strip of your pregnancy detector stick. You must keep a few things in mind while taking the tests:

  • Your first pee in the morning has the most concentrated levels of hCG and is the best for a pregnancy test. If you are testing your urine at any other time of day, make sure your urine is stored in your bladder for a minimum of four hours. If you wish to consult your doctor regarding pregnancy tests at home you can also book an online doctor consultation.
  • Try to avoid drinking too much fluids before the test as it may dilute the hCG levels in your urine.
  • Always read the directions before taking the test, and follow every step precisely.

Blood test at the Best Gynaecologist in Bangalore

Blood tests are more expensive but tend to give the same result as a urine test. However, the advantage of a blood test is that it not only detects the pregnancy hormone in your body, but also tells you how much of the hormone is present.

A blood test for pregnancy is done for women undergoing infertility treatments or if the doctor suggests. It can be done during the early stages, within 9-12 days after conception. Once your blood sample is taken and sent for analysis to the lab, you can expect the results within a few hours or a day.

A blood test is done to compare hCG levels during the pregnancy as it keeps increasing during the first few weeks of pregnancy. If the levels don’t rise, there may be a problem and extremely high hCG levels may indicate that a pregnant woman is carrying twins.

If you get a positive pregnancy test result, you must immediately visit the best gynecologist in Bangalore or sign up for online doctor consultation. Your doctor may prescribe some prenatal vitamins, routine check-ups and other positive measures to be taken for a healthy pregnancy.


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