Silent Features of the best spy app for android

Silent Features of the best spy app for android

Search for the best is never-ending. Every day new characteristics are added to the list to maintain high standards. There were spy apps that offered monitoring features for only specific operating systems. Now the best spy app for android offers multiple versions suitable for all types of users. One can get an app and keep a check on all types of gadgets without worrying about paying extra. OgyMogy one of the most effective apps offers a variety of interesting features that can make a smart gadget user’s life so much easy and stress-free.

Silent features of the best spy app for android can be eye-opening for those who still are in denial about this technology. So here are some of the interesting features.

Remote Lock /Unlock of Gadget:

Remotely lock or unlock the gadget at any given time with access to the app. It can be a handy situation when dealing with something dangerous for example stopping illegal data sharing among employees and more.

Control of Target App:

The best remote spy app for android offers control of Appstore movements as well. You can know what type of apps are liked by your kid. However you can even block any app as well if you observe any type of bad influence on the kid.

Complete Call log Access:

The call log is in access of the user. As they know about all incoming and outgoing calls of the target. The feature can be equally used by any type of user including parents and employers. Even businesses can manage important calls and business deals by using this feature.

Texting alerts:

Have direct access to the texting folder. This makes it possible for the user to read the sent and received texts.

The legal way of Call Recording:

Call recording may sound a cliché but it’s not. Given the circumstances, calling is common in daily life. It is always a smart move to keep a record of important calls as a backup.

Track Browsing Activities:

The best spy app for android offers access to the browsing history of the target as well. You can know about the browsing activities of the employees during working hours or can know about the kid’s online interests.

Have access to the Bookmark folder:

Know about the frequently visited sites to find out about the bookmark folder of the target.

Web Blocking:

The best spy app for android not only highlights problems but also gives the solution as well. The web blocking feature allows the user to block any form of unwanted content or website from the target browser.

Real-Time Location Tracking:

GPS location tracking feature gives real-time alerts about the live location of the target. Don’t worry they are reported with complete accuracy.


Limit the target movements by marking safe and restricted zone on Google Maps. It can help in keeping the target safe.

Instant Access to Major Instant Chat Apps:

Instant messenger chat apps are used by all types of users on daily basis. It can be for sharing an important announcement, marketing campaign, or simple text to a friend or family. The best spy app for android offers instant access to instant messenger chat apps.

Password Cracker:

Crack the password or know about any secret account detail with the help of a spy app. The keystroke logging feature can help you with that and much more.

Camera Control:

Have remote control of the target camera and watch the surroundings without even letting them know.

The best spy app for android is the one that can be used by any type of user. Be it for the offered features, supporting operating systems, or economical bundle deals. A good app offers universally the best service so that the customer never has to worry again. Most of the apps offer two types of the bundle. Advanced features required extra payment which can be a difficult thing for users. Spy apps like the OgyMogy make it easy for the user by offering three types of bundles. The best thing is that all the basic and advanced features are offered without any discrimination of feature type. So if you are looking for the best spy app for android, you can read the OgyMogy reviews.

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