Most Common Health Issues

Most Common Health Issues

Importance of Health in our Life

“Health is a state in which a person is mentally, physically and spiritually fit and well-being.”

Life is nothing without health, and everything is in good health. A life without sound and good health are like a well-equipped army without its soldiers to fight, a tree without leaves, a rainbow without colours and a bird without wings. Hence, life is meaningful when you have sound health, as then you can enjoy life to your fullest. 

Healthy life regenerates the body and calms the mind. It has the core importance of human happiness.

Good and sound health is important and necessary because;

  •         It improves longevity
  •         Prevent disease
  •         Improves mental health
  •         Lead a productive life
  •         Financial benefits

But nowadays, due to contaminated water, unhygienic food and a polluted environment, people don’t enjoy good health. Their health is at risk. Here, in this article, we will discuss the 10 most common health issues that people face.

Top 10 Most Common Health Issues

The most common health issue nowadays are as follows;

  1.       Overweight and Obesity
  2.       Mental Health
  3.       Tobacco
  4.       Physical Activity and Nutrition
  5.       Injury and Violence
  6.       Immunization
  7.       Substance Abuse
  8.       HIV/Aids
  9.       Environmental Quality
  10.   Access to health care


Let’s discuss each of them in detail;

Overweight and Obesity

“Óbesity is the mother of all diseases.”

Obesity causes many diseases. A person who is obese or overweight is at risk of catching all the diseases, including type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, colon cancer, breast cancer, endometrial, prostrate, dyslipidemia, gallbladder diseases, asthma, osteoarthritis, etc.

According to a survey, about 2/3rd the population of the U.S. is obese and is facing many serious health issues. The National Heart, blood and lungs Institute of the National Institute of Health provide awareness, guidelines and practical recommendations to mange and reduce weight.

Mental Health

Mental healthy plays a very important role in our life as it can take away our dreams. Mainly mental health issues are caused by;

  •         Reactions to medications
  •         Infections
  •         Nutritional Imbalances
  •         Vision and Hearing Problems
  •         Diabetes
  •         Paralysis, etc.

Depression is the most important cause that affects and disturbs mental health. It is the most prevalent health issue as it carries away people’s lives and leads them to suicide if they are left untreated.


Tobacco addiction is a very common health issue in this modern world that’s full of stress and tension. It’s just an addiction to relieve stress, but also it has become a trend and fashion now. Boys at a very early age start smoking as a fashion and then become addicted to it.

In the United States, Lung Cancer is the most common disease among smokers, leading them to death. Other diseases caused by smoking include nervous system and circulatory system problems, heart problems, asthma, respiratory tract problem and throat cancers.

Physical Activity and Nutrition

In a healthy life, physical activity and nutrition play a very important role. A perfect lifestyle is important to live a healthy and perfect life. An inactive lifestyle causes and welcomes the most serious health issues. A healthy and active person enjoys life. Diabetes and cardiovascular problems are caused due to inactive and lazy lifestyle.

A balanced diet is very necessary for a healthy life. Malnutrition affects your health and causes death. If you don’t care about having good nutrition in your meal, then you are at risk of many vulnerable diseases.

Accidents and Injuries

In this fast world, accidents have become very common. Thousands of people become victims of accidents every day. Some survive these accidents, while others cannot fight and take their last breath and die.

These severe accidents cause trauma, hospitalizations for injuries, and deaths among youngsters. These accidents take many precious lives mercilessly every day.


In older people pneumonia and influenza are very common health issue that causes mortality, mainly in older people. For elderly people, influenza immunization has been emphasized, and it has benefitted them a lot.

But still, there’s no emerging permanent cure for pneumonia, which is one of the most severe diseases, mainly in women and older people.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is one of the most common and severe health issues nowadays. In this stressful world, people take drugs to relieve anxiety and depression and thus become addicted to these drugs. Among substance misuse, alcohol addiction and drug addiction are very common.

Due to these substance abuses and misuse, people become addicted to these drugs, and their health deteriorates and causes many severe health problems, including heart and kidney failure, health implications and other neurological complications.


In the United States, according to a calculation, AIDs is found in people over 50 years old, and about 11 to 15% of all the 50 years old people are victims of AIDs. Youngsters usually have weak defensive systems, so they survive and are less at risk of these severe diseases. However, people above 50 are at great risk of having AIDs.

Older people don’t have a good immune system, so HIV is easily transmitted to them and causes AIDs.

Environmental Quality

These days, the environment is the main cause that affects health. Polluted and contaminated environments are a significant aspect of personal health these days. If there is a poor quality environment, people are more vulnerable to becoming victims of many severe diseases and consequences as its much more difficult to improve its quality.

Poor people having low income, and ethnic and racial minorities are supposed to live in the marches and regions where there are is poor environmental quality. Thus, poor people become more victims of serious infectious diseases resulting from poor environmental quality.

Access to Health Care

Access to health care is a very common issue of health globally. People don’t know the value of health, and they don’t care about it and don’t monitor it seriously. It’s a blessing from Allah Almighty. There’s a lack of quick healthcare access due to many people losing their lives every day. There’s a lack of geriatricians, and as a result, there’s a delay in treatment.


Hence, all the common causes of health issues, HIV/AIDs, Access to health care, environmental quality, immunization, accidents and injuries, mental health, substance abuse, tobacco, obesity and physical inactivity, require proper attention so that every person can enjoy good and sound health and remain free of diseases.

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