Learn Numerology and Make Money

Learn Numerology and Make Money

It is amazing to know that you can make money by learning Numerology! The first thing that comes to our mind after listening to this line is to consult the best Numerologist. But my friends, Numerology can help in making important financial decisions by bringing some extra coins in your piggy bank. Not just this, you can use Numerology in making day-to-day decisions. How? For example, you can avoid going to the market if it’s your unlucky day based on Numerology. Knowing your favorable numbers help in making wise decisions.

You can learn Numerology online and use your knowledge in making decisions in your routine. These perfect decisions ultimately take you toward financial prosperity.

Numerology guides you throughout all your decisions, including what job is the best for you, what kind of companion you should look for, etc. One can also use numerology symbols to get guidance in financial affairs.

If you wish to know how to make money using Numerology, read further. Here, we will tell you the meaning of each number and how it will take you toward financial prosperity, how your birth date can affect your wealth-acquiring capacity and other interesting facts about making money using Numerology.

What is Numerology?

Numerology refers to studying numbers and understanding their involvement in our day-to-day lives. According to Numerology, every alphabet consists of a value, and it can be used to infer more valuable information about important events in life. Numerology helps to learn more about our existence, the path we should choose, and the correlation between letters, numbers, and symbols in our everyday lives. One can utilize this information to gain financial prosperity using Numerology. You can enroll for a Numerology course online to explore the amazing world of numbers.

How can we make money using Numerology?

Whenever we take clues from divinity, our intentions matter a lot. By keeping the right intentions, we can attract the best outcomes for ourselves.

Numerology may not be a proven science, but it has a larger impact on life with firm belief and application. One can draw money into life by using Numerology. For that, one needs to focus on the Life Path number that indicates the path of success for a person. One can also move toward financial prosperity by using birth dates and name numbers.

When we have a goal in life, then Numerology wants us to have a crystal clear image of it. A person’s name, whether chosen or given, is tied to the higher realms. The names can reflect the message of the universe for us while giving a framework for our achievements.

Numerology helps in making money in the following way-

The Life Path Number, or birth date, adds up to a single-digit number.

The next essential number is an individual’s name number. We can get it by adding the numerical values of the alphabet in the first, last, and middle names.

The numbers we get after adding them serve as a guide to our lives. Based on these numbers, the Numerologist can now tell us our lucky days, suitable jobs, suitable life partners, etc.

Different numbers and their relevance in making money

Number 1: 

Number one, people are born leaders. They are bold, courageous, outgoing, enthusiastic, and always loaded with unique ideas. They gain success when they work alone. This is the trait that makes them good leaders. Number one, people are rigid, self-centered, prideful, and egotistic. They also show arrogance and impulsive behavior.

Individuals with Number one can prosper when they take charge of others. They will excel in leading a project or a team. They will also do well as a business owner.

Number 2: 

The individuals with Number two show diplomatic traits. They exhibit the qualities of kindheartedness and empathy. They work well with others and are modest and spiritual. However, they sometimes remain lost in their own world. They are perfectionists and have an obsession with the details. They can be great politicians, spiritual gurus, or mediators.

Number 3: 

Number three people are extrovert who doesn’t hesitate to express their opinions and thoughts. They have artistic talent, strong intuitions, and powerful imaginations. They are positive, fun-loving, and happy-go-lucky people. They can be successful actors or artists. They can make money by designing, creating, or playing music, selling their artwork, etc.

Number 4:

Those with a life path number Four are well-organized people. They are good managers but, at the same time, are overtly serious. They are rigid, stubborn, and strong-headed people. They can attract money by pursuing law or the military, where they can make optimum use of their rigidness and courage. They can also serve the community to achieve financial success.

Number 5:

The people with the number Five are always full of energy. They are mostly rushing, exploring, and seeking action. They are curious, free-spirited, and resourceful. On their downside, they can be impatient, careless, and always cribbling about life. They can attract wealth by becoming a stockbroker, adventure guides, or creative fields. You should avoid too much gambling.

Number 6:

Those individuals with a number six are selfless, kind, noble, and extremely responsible. They have a balanced approach to life. They value respect and dignity. They are confident, loving, and always lend a helping hand. They need to watch out for their stubbornness, egoistic behavior, and over-belief in values. They can attract wealth in the corporate fields and the military.

Number 7:

The individuals with the number seven are judgmental, logical, analytical, intelligent, and inventive. They are never tired of reading and writing and are very independent. They are fond of perfection and move inside to attain peace. They can make money by embracing their knowledge and wisdom. They can earn abundance by becoming a teacher, writer, or historians.

Number 8:

Individuals with the number eight as their life path number make for the best politicians. They are born to handle authority and power. These natives are dominating, confident, good decision-makers, and possess finer executive capabilities. They are heartless and constantly look for power and money.

Number 9:

Individuals with number nine are selfless, kind, and creative and perform charitable and other noble deeds. These natives can attract luck by working as actors and writers. They can, however, be careless with money. They can attract money by working at an NGO or charitable organization. They are great entertainers, so they can join the entertainment industry, also.

11 & 22

In Numerology, 11 and 22 carry special significance. They are the power numbers and give excessive individual courage and a sense of perfection. They have greater spiritual values and can excel in fields similar to numbers 2 and 4.


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