Keep your pets warm and active in extreme winter conditions

Keep your pets warm and active in extreme winter conditions

Just like humans, pets also need proper care during winter. If they are furry animals, it does not mean that you can leave them unattended in this harsh weather.

It is essential to make them warm and safe. This will ultimately make them active in different temperatures. Whenever the temperature drops, smaller pets need to be cared for effectively.

Amid the freezing conditions, pets should stay warm as they may have severe weather effects on them.

The temperature is dropping, and they may be unable to adjust to it. But sometimes, they cannot deal with the cold weather while staying indoors.

Take responsibility for your pet and keep them safe

There are several ways that owners should follow to give them a healthy life. Along with this, playtime and exercise are equally important for your pets.

Dogs may not have such a problem, but cats can. Usually, canine fur protects them from lower temperatures and freezing scenarios. But specifically, related hazards can take your pets’ safety and health for a toss.

As a human, it is your responsibility to limit your pets’ exposure to these cold temperatures. With normal room temperatures, they can keep their fur in normal condition.

Otherwise, in extreme conditions, the fur of dogs and cats also has different problems.

Simultaneously, have an emergency contact number for your vet. If there is any issue, you can go to them. Additionally, it is vital to keep your finances intact too.

Many owners face financial problems when it comes to taking care of their pets. Sometimes, in case of emergencies, they can avail of loans.

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Ways to keep your pets warm in winter

If you have a pet, you can read the points below and make them active and cosy in harsh weather conditions.

1. Reduce the walks

It may be beneficial for the Pets’ health to take them for a walk. But it is essential to go for lesser outdoor activities during extreme winters.

Keep them indoors and in cosy temperatures. Your fur friends may not be able to take up that cold. Whenever you go out, try to put in our court or additional clothing to your dog or cat’s body.

With this, they may feel cosy and able to function correctly. Also, wrap them in warm clothes so they do not get affected.

2. Check for snow between their toes

Always check with snow between their paws if you are taking your dog or cat for a walk outside.

Sometimes the snow gets stuck between their paws, which is unsuitable for their health. Usually, there are snowballs between their toes, and then they turn into ice balls.

Once these balls dry, it can be painful for the pet. To prevent this, always keep them clean and go for regular checkups whenever you come back from any outdoor activity.

You can also use a cloth or an accessory to drive this snow between their paws.

3. Check for salt and grit too

While going outdoors, check for grit and salt also between their toes. Like snow, this can also get stuck between their toes and can lead to painful problems.

This is very common as walking on the payments can have it stuck in their toes.

Since Pets cannot say anything about their problems, humans need to understand their issues and take effective measures to avoid them.

4. Keep them warm

It is essential to keep your pets dry and warm in this cold weather. If exposed to extreme cold and wet conditions, they may have different problems in their fur and body.

Also, arrange a cosy bed whenever your dog comes from an outdoor walk. For humans, too, it is difficult to survive in extreme cold conditions for a longer time. The same goes for the dog.

The extent may be less, but continuous exposure to cold and snow may be problematic for them.

5. Keep them active

To keep them active during harsh weather conditions, keep them active indoors. If they are playful and happy inside the home, they can also stay the same outdoors.

Have toys for your pets that they can play with all the time. Also, keep engaging in certain activities that will help them stay playful.

You must have seen that many dogs are reluctant to go outside in the cold. This is because they don’t have any physical activity indoors. Do not commit this mistake, and keep your dogs active always.

6. Adjust their food

There are different foods available for different weather conditions. For example, in winter, you need more energy and fat to keep you warm throughout.

Hence, try to adjust their food habits and get them the required food. Amid this, it is essential to focus on their weight gain as well.

Do not let them gain weight out of proportion. This will make them lethargic and less active. Activity is significant to keep them warm in extreme winter conditions.

7. Avoid going out in less visibility

Extreme winter weather conditions may lead to reduced visibility. It may be snowy or foggy weather that can hamper your pets’ visibility.

If you are taking them for a walk, try putting in all the details on the leash and your correct contact information. If even they get lost, somebody can contact you and return your pet.

8. Make them visible

If you are taking your dogs out for a walk, increase their visibility. You can put in a light or any bright thing on their collar or leash.

This way, people and cars can see them and increase their visibility. Usually, the days have become darker and longer. So the sunrise is also late during this time. Make sure people see that a pet is coming and they are not driving harshly.


Having a pet is a big responsibility. The owner has to take care of them in every weather condition. Irrespective of your financial condition, giving your dog the proper security and comfort is essential.

Work on their physical activity and provide them with a cosy atmosphere. This will keep them active and happy throughout.

Description: Read below about how to keep your pets warm and active during winter. It also states the don’ts to adhere to extreme weather conditions.


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