How to Make Avatar from Image Free

How to Make Avatar from Image Free

What is Avatar

Avatar is a cartoon face of a person which almost looks like a person cartoon character and it’s the new way to present yourself on social sites because it’s in the trend from now onwards.Avatar word has an old history from Indians side because of the history of them. Avatar is divided into many categories: anime avatar , gaming avatar and many others. In this article we will cover how we can make a cartoon character from our image. If you want to make virtual  character  of yourself you don’t have to pay someone for it because now you get it totally free and online with the use of Internet

How Avatar Looks

As we discussed above, what is an avatar in actuality? So sharing an avatar of a person which is made with Avatar Maker is an online website with many unique and new features providing numerous facilities to get cartoonify for free.

In this character we just give him an emo haircut, put up sunglasses and a red turtleneck and give him a cute smile which makes him more attractive and good looking. It’s easy for everyone to generate an avatar  from an image on their own. There are many online tools we can find on the app store or there are many sites. The one I used  and found  reliable and user friendly is avatar maker. There is no fee required to get an avatar and also no loading time occurs. Let me clear it by explaining this tool.

Avatar Maker

Avatar Maker is the one of the new and free tools trending because of its unique and classic features and the best thing is if you can’t make your avatar without any assistance there is a blog present from where you learn how you can make your avatar free and quickly. In this tool you can customize many things such as

  1. Eyes
  2. Nose
  3. Hair Style
  4. Hair Color
  5. Facial Changes
  6. Skin Tone
  7. Make Up
  8. Clothes

Besides, there are also many features which can help you to make your character beautiful because everyone wants something good and unique on their profiles and social platforms. In this website you can get random avatars also. In case if you have no time to make avatar then you have an option to pick it from random avatars which have many different ready-made avatars in it.

Avatar Is classifies in different names too such as character creator, anime character creator or kids avatar. And the good thing is that it catches all kids, teenagers and a few adults who don’t like to post their own pics on their profiles. This tool does not demand any information either its personal or non personal there is no type of information required.

How to Save Avatar

Saving an avatar is not a big deal because from the avatar maker we can save it in PNG format without paying anything or premium subscriptions. And we can also share them directly to social sites  such as Dribble, Pinterest etc


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