Goa New Year Party: Amazing Tips to Make the Most of Your Celebration

Goa New Year Party: Amazing Tips to Make the Most of Your Celebration

Goa New Year Party: The year has begun and the entire nation is in great spirit to welcome the new year by celebrating the various festivals held at different parts of the country. One such festival, which happens to be one of the oldest in India, is celebrated at Goa every New Year’s Eve with pomp and grandeur not just by locals but also from tourists from across the world who flock Goa during this time of the year in order to celebrate Goa New Year party in style.

Choose your venue

Goa is a beautiful place and it’s best known for its parties. If you love partying or want to do it in style, then Goa should be on your mind during your next vacation. For any kind of celebration, such as birthday parties, new year parties, or wedding anniversary celebrations, you have a lot of choice when it comes to venues in Goa.

Reach early

Planning is essential. Starting your celebrations early will give you plenty of time to book tickets and find accommodation, as well as prepare yourself for a hectic few days. Some travelers arrive in Goa several days before New Year so they can get a feel for what their surroundings are like before all their friends and family arrive!

Invite right people

As you plan your New Year party, remember to invite people who will make it worth your while. A party is only as fun as its attendees, so make sure you spend some time with people you’re comfortable with and who are likely to return your enthusiasm. If there’s anything awkward about inviting friends or acquaintances, don’t do it! Don’t force yourself into a situation that makes you uncomfortable—you won’t have any fun at all.

Goa’s best hotel parties in January

When in Goa, there’s only one month you can celebrate with a bang – January. Here are some amazing tips on how to make your new year party in Goa a memorable one.

Pack your own handbag essentials

There are a few items that every woman should keep in her handbag at all times. First, always pack gum (bonus points if it’s sugar-free!). Chewing gum after eating cleanses your mouth and refreshes your breath in seconds. You might not be able to eat right away, but you can still have an amazing time with a smile on your face. Secondly, pack a travel-size pack of tissues—they can come in handy for everything from blotting excess sweat when dancing at a party or wiping off water or dirt before sitting down for dinner. And lastly, don’t forget to bring a comb and small mirror with you. You never know who you might meet during your night out!

Save on parking costs by going early

When you’re heading out for a party, chances are you don’t want to spend extra money on parking. But here’s a tip that can help save you money: go early. For instance, if your gathering is at 8 p.m., head over at 5 p.m. You could leave your place even earlier than that—and avoid paying for parking altogether if there’s no meter in effect yet—by riding a bike or taking public transportation (if it’s available). The additional time spent getting ready will be more than made up for by all of your parking savings!

Know what’s happening at other venues

When you’re planning a party, it’s great to know that you’re not the only one. You want your venue to be fresh and exclusive, but you also want it to be surrounded by other places where your guests can hang out when they need a change of scenery. The truth is, humans are social creatures who love variety—and as an event planner, it helps if you can create that for them.

Dress code etiquette

Remember, it’s always better to overdress than underdress. The last thing you want is a whole gaggle of girls in short skirts and stilettos watching you awkwardly shuffle around at your Goa New Year party like a penguin who forgot her tuxedo. If you can’t think about yourself, think about all those innocent bystanders who will witness your ineptitude up close and personal—they’ll look so much more elegant than you!

Decide if you need a babysitter

Deciding whether or not you need a babysitter for your little one(s) can be daunting. If you live alone or have a spouse or partner who doesn’t mind spending New Year’s Eve with a little one, then it might be unnecessary to bring in outside help.

Where to Book

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